"Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead" show #372


(Cast of Dog Sees God…; Photo Credit: Fresno Beehive)

Miguel A. Gastelum has brought Bert V. Royal’s piece, Dog Sees God.. to Fresno audiences. After seeing this Charlie Brown: “High School” edition piece, I realized that probably about 80% of audiences that will see this show will be the choir that this show is preaching too. The issues it deals with are not all that shocking, but more just another person’s story. However, the layer below that is that this is a shocking reminder that ignorance, struggles, and issues such as bullying, discrimination, insulting, eating disorders, suicide, coming out, etc. are still extremely prevalent, and very much a reality to those who aren’t “normal theatre folk’. Gastelum and cast have done a terrific job treating Royal’s script with the respect and roller coaster of emotional intensity that it is packed with. 

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Musical Monday

In honor of me being able to meet a Broadway favorite of mine last week and to have had the blessing of seeing her perform live in concert; I decided to make this week’s Musical Monday posting a highlight to one of her treasured Broadway credits. Kristin Chenoweth, this one is for you! Happy Musical Monday!!!

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Season Announcement Wednesday…eerrr…Thursday

July is gone and August has come upon us. With August comes school for some, more hot weather for most, and more theatre for all. This week’s company is a wonderful professionally based company outside of LA. Their season is jam packed with sure to-be audience favorites. Let me stop talking about it and just present the season. I bring to you the 2012-2013 season of Cabrillo Music Theatre!

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