Season Announcement Wednesday…errr Friday

When you go to the theatre isn’t it nice knowing that the work you are about to see is going to be top-notch? That the theatre you have just invested your money and the next few hours of your life in will feed your soul and mind to the artistic level you so desire? This week’s company highlight has done this for me each time I have sat in their house. They bring the works, they bring the professionals, and overall, they bring the entertainment. I am more than happy to post the 2012/2013 season of San Jose Stage Company.

Shows/Dates: Race (October 3 - October 28); Reckless (November 28 - December 16); Red (February 6, 2013 - March 3, 2013); The Threepenny Opera (April 3 - 28); New Musical TBA (May 29 - June 30)

Venue/Address: The Stage @ 490 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113


Twitter: “Follow” them @ sanjosestage

Facebook: “Like” them @ San Jose Stage Company

Description: San Jose Stage Company is celebrating their 30th year this coming season, and boy do they deserve it. I first found them a couple of years ago when I attended their production of Inherit The Wind. Since then I have seen their production of Red, White and Tuna. The only reason I have not seen more? Because every time I am able to see a show there, they are sold out! They are a company that hires Equity and non-Equity talent for their productions that are Broadway caliber performers. I have yet to be disappointed and am pretty sure I never will be when entering their theatre. Invest in season tickets because from my experience that is the only to guarantee your seat to these top-notch productions. Go see a show!

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